Chemical Engineering at The University of Manchester

Chemical Engineering is a very exciting, interesting and versatile degree. All academic staff in the School of Chemical Engineering and Analytical Science (SCEAS) are involved in teaching. The academic staff come from a very wide variety of backgrounds and are very enthusiastic about Science and Technology. During the course we aim to impart that enthusiasm into our undergraduate students.

The Course

The course is taught with a variety of approaches. There are problem solving sessions, seminars, laboratories, traditional lectures and also computer based teaching and learning. SCEAS have a range of facilities (computer clusters, small scale and large scale laboratories and group-work space) to support teaching and learning in the best possible way. We aim to provide you with plenty of opportunities to develop transferable skills (teamwork, communication, organisation among others) within the course and also opportunities to do extra-curricular activities involving science and technology . We have Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) in place to provide you with more support in your first year. Second year students will act as PASS leaders and will help you with your progression through the course. All the modules in the course have a presence in our e-learning environment (Blackboard) in which you can find teaching and learning materials and activities.


The assessment of the course is done through a variety of methods. The main method is examinations. These are complemented by coursework, laboratory work, tests, and projects and using a range of techniques including peer-assessment and self-assessment.

There are various university regulations that you need to be aware of. Although described in the student's handbook, the following links provide you with relevant information for you to familiarise with.

Student Support

The pastoral care is carried out mainly through personal tutorials. You will be assigned a tutor at the beginning of the year. You should have regular meetings with your tutor to monitor your progress and any issues that might arise. The pre-induction questionnaire that you should complete before coming to university will help your tutor to guide you adequately in the first few weeks.
The University has a Student Services Centre where you can find more information about the support provided to students. There is a specific section of the website dedicated to international students.

Induction Week

Induction week is the official name for freshers week (the first week of term). The departments schedule differs from the normal timetable and is given in the induction week section of the website.